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Our Family

Our Story

Plum River Ranch sits along the banks of the Plum River in the rolling hills of northwest Illinois near the small town of Pearl City.  The name Ranch is simply just that, a name, as the actual ranch consists of only 15 acres on the home farm of our grandfather Harold Katzenberger.  

Plum River Ranch actually started in 1978 when brothers Eric and Aaron began to show as juniors and built a small herd of Herefords kept over from their show career.  This small herd grew to about 10 head until they were dispersed when the boys left to attend college.

In 1996, Nick (father) , Eric and Aaron began to purchase cows to rebuild the herd which currently consists of approximately 80 head. The herd is always expanding as their children continue to show the cattle at local, county, state, and even national shows. As a result, we house many champions and are always adding more.

Cattle are located in Pearl City, IL and Monroe, WI

Left to Right: Rhett, Rosie, Madison, Briana and Eric Katzenberger

Left to Right: Julie, Mariah, Aaron, Brady, and Marissa Katzenberger

Nick and Lenore Katzenberger

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